ILUITEQ "Soundtracks For Winter Departures" (2019)

Collaborative album produced with renowned sound artist Andrea Bellucci (Red Sector A, Subteranean Source).
Label: TXT Recordings
Catalogue number: TXT58

Svart1 "Belet Ili " (2016)

The album features the track "Ardor", specifically composed for the third and last chapter of the trilogy "Satanische Helden" conceived by the eclectic Italian artist Svart1.
Label: Mask Of The Slave
Catalogue number: MS-047

F_rankenstein (2016)

Orghanon composed the soundtrack for the theatre performance "F_rankenstein", a revamped version of the Frankenstein myth produced by the acting company Officina Teatrale A_ctuar.
Parts of this soundtrack have been reworked and included in the album "Retrospectre".