ORGHANON is the solo venture of Sergio Calzoni, producer and musician active since the nineties in various musical outfits (Alma Mater, Act Noir, Colloquio). ORGHANON manifesto is to produce music with a strong cinematographic appeal, making use mainly of electronic equipment with sparse notes of acoustic instruments and electric guitars. ORGHANON aims for blending melancholy with silence, depicting stark yet deeply emotional soundtracks for imaginary places.

In 2015 the debut album "Figures In Slow Motion" was released by Eibon Records, receiveng numerous praises by critics and music lovers.

In 2016 ORGHANON composed the soundtrack for the theatre performance "F_rankenstein", a revamped version of the Frankenstein myth produced by the acting company Officina Teatrale A_ctuar. Parts of this soundtrack have been reworked and included in the album "Retrospectre".
In the same year the new track "Ardor" is included in the album "Belet Ili" of the Italian experimental project Svart1.

In March 2017 the new album "Retrospectre" is released by the American label Time Released Sound. The album is a very personal exploration of childhood memories relived as ambient music soundscapes. Compared to the previous works, this album stands out for a more intimate and spontaneous approach during the writing process, featuring instrumental beat-less tracks enriched by the contributions of several guest musicians, performing parts of violin, viola, cello, harp and clarinet.