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ILUITEQ debut album "Soundtracks For Winter Departures"

18 - 01 - 2019

ILUITEQ is the collaborative project that sees Sergio Calzoni join forces with Andrea Bellucci, renowned musician of the Italian experimental scene (Red Sector A, Subterranean Source).

With their debut album «Soundtracks For Winter Departures», released by TXT Recordings on January 18th, the duo explores the many facets of ambient music, with a meticulous attention to sound design and smooth melodic arrangements. All thetracks have been conceived with a unique palette of sound timbres, making use of a wide range of sampling and synthesis techniques (granular, wavetable, FM, additive).

Buy the album on the bandcamp page of the label:


ORGHANON live @ Night & Blues Festival (Ferrara)

05 - 07 - 2018

On July 18th at 9:00pm ORGHANON will take part at the Night & Blues Festival, held at Chiostro di Santa Maria delle Grazie, in Ferrara.
ORGHANON will play as open-act for the renowned post-punk/new wave band Go Flamingo!

More info: Night & Blues Festival


Track "Gone" featured in video project

20 - 03 - 2018

The track "Gone" has been featured in a (literally!) breathtaking video project for the German climbing association DAV Alpinkader NRW.

DAV Alpinkader NRW Eis & Mixed 2018 from Vertical-Axis on Vimeo.


ORGHANON live @ Circolo ARCI Bolognesi (Ferrara)

16 - 01 - 2018

On January 28th at 7:00pm ORGHANON will take part at the Solchi Sperimentali Festival, held at Circolo ARCI Bolognesi in Ferrara. For this special occasion, ORGHANON will play a selection of ambient, beat-less tracks featured in the albums released so far. Free entry for all ARCI members.

More info: Circolo ARCI Bolognesi


New album "Retrospectre" finally released

13 - 03 - 2017

The new album "Retrospectre" is finally released by San Francisco based label Time Released Sound. The album is available in two versions, a limited handmade edition of 60 copies and a standard digipack version.

- limited deluxe edition (42 Euro)
- standard digipack (12 Euro)
- digital release (7 Euro)


"Retrospectre I" videoclip

09 - 02 - 2017


The first videoclip taken from the new album "Retrospectre" is now online on YouTube. The clip contains footages of the short movies "Bodie Ghost Town" and "The Salton Sea", masterfully shot by the American videomaker Alin Cibian. The new album "Retrospectre" will be released on March 12th by Colin Herrick's label Time Released Sound.


"Retrospectre" video trailer

10 - 01 - 2017


Finally online the trailer video of "Retrospectre", the new Orghanon album to be released in March by the brave Time Released Sound.
"Retrospectre" is a very personal exploration of childhood memories relived as ambient music soundscapes. Dispelling the ghosts of the past through a music voyage, with the ultimate aim to learn who we truly are. Compared to the previous Orghanon's works, this album stands out for a more intimate and spontaneous approach during the writing process, featuring instrumental beat-less tracks enriched by the contributions of several guest musicians, performing parts of violin, viola, cello, harp and clarinet.


Colloquio live @ Chiesa Castello (San Martino dall'Argine - MN)

24 - 03 - 2016


On May 15th at 7:00pm COLLOQUIO will perform live at Chiesa Castello in San Martino dall'Argine (MN), during the opening day of the art exhibition Imprimatvr. The setlist will feature few ORGHANON tracks taken from "Figures In Slow Motion" and a new unreleased tune.

Info: www.imprimatvrlab.org


"Hiatus" videoclip

08 - 01 - 2015


It is now online the videoclip of "Hiatus", the second single taken from the album "Figures In Slow Motion" (Eibon Records). The video has been produced by multimedia artist Raimondo Gaviano (a.k.a. SVART1 - svart1.altervista.org).


"Figures In Slow Motion" debut-album released

07 - 01 - 2015

The debut-album "Figures In Slow Motion" is now worldwide released by the italian cult label Eibon Records. This is the label's press release of the album:

"Sergio Calzoni's talent in chiselling electronics like a master craftsman has already been made very clear in COLLOQUIO's albums. This time he flies alone, and what a flight this is.... ORGHANON's debut album offers a melancholy-filled trip through a congealed world where figures slowly drift in the thick air. Gentle melodies, superbly constructed electronic patterns, experimental passages create vast sonic scenarios that would perfectly fit in a Jim Jarmusch/Alejandro Inarritu's movie. Not only the sheer, marvellous quality of the songs but also a very strong feeling of walking into a brand new, undiscovered sonic territory will leave you breathless. Only a few times in our entire "career" we've been so completely dragged into a record like into "Figures in slow motion". Miss it at your own risk."

ORDER YOUR COPY: 10 Euro (free shipping worldwide)


"Gone" videoclip

09 - 12 - 2014


Watch the videoclip of "Gone", the first single taken from the debut album "Figures In Slow Motion", to be released on January the 7th by Eibon Records. The video has been produced by multimedia artist Raimondo Gaviano (a.k.a. SVART1 - svart1.altervista.org).


Welcome! New Site Online!

18 - 04 - 2014

orghanon is the solo venture of Sergio Calzoni, producer and musician active since the nineties in various musical outfits (Alma Mater, Act Noir, Colloquio). orghanon manifesto is to produce instrumental music, with a strong cinematographic appeal, making use mainly of electronic apparatus and sparse notes of guitar and various acoustic instruments. A careful and strict attention is paid to which sounds and parts should be added in the mix, giving to the tracks a natural and organic vibe. orghanon aims for blending melancholy with silence, depicting stark yet deeply emotional soundtracks for imaginary places.